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Xi'an Huading Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd
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wholesaler BNC Connector

  • SMP Microstrip Transmission Connector

    SMP Microstrip Transmission ConnectorHuading’s SMP connectors are available in straight or right angle versions as well as bulkhead options.Continue Reading

  • BNC To SMA Adapter

    BNC To SMA AdapterOur company offers BNC to SMA coaxial adapters in standard or high performance designs. Different BNC to SMA adapter gender versions do occur in this product line. BNC to SMA adapters are manufactured in female to female, female to male, male to female or male to male gender designs.Continue Reading

  • 2.4mm Connector

    2.4mm ConnectorSeries 2.4mm RF Coaxial connector is similar in construction to 2.92 design. They are well suited for commercial, military and space applications. They are made of materials that will withstand high temperatures providing reliable performance under extreme environmental conditions with excellent electrical characteristics.Continue Reading

  • SSMA PCB Connector

    SSMA PCB ConnectorType SSMA is one kind of RF coaxial connectors that is widely applied, with small-sized thread coupling.Continue Reading

  • BMA Connector For Semi-rigid Cable

    BMA Connector For Semi-rigid CableThis connector are widely used in the world. Huading’s BMA connectors used for semi-rigid cable (0.085, 0.141 semi-rigid cable) include plug genders and Jack genders, straight and right angle in 50 Ohm impedance levels.Continue Reading

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