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right angel SSMA connector for PCB

  • SBMA Connector For Flexible Cable

    SBMA Connector For Flexible CableSBMA series connector is a kind of micro blind-mate connector that is developed based on BMA connector.Continue Reading

  • SSMA PCB Connector

    SSMA PCB ConnectorType SSMA is one kind of RF coaxial connectors that is widely applied, with small-sized thread coupling.Continue Reading

  • MCX Connector For Semi-rigid Cable

    MCX Connector For Semi-rigid CableMCX connector connecting the semi-rigid cable as 0.086, 0.141 cable etc. which providing customers flexibility in their design and manufacturing.Continue Reading

  • SMC Connector For Flexible Cable

    SMC Connector For Flexible CableSMC RF Coaxial connectors with a screw-coulping design. This kind are suitable for connecting flexible cable such as series SYV, SFF, RG flexible cable. Including Jack and Plug, straight and right angle crimp SMC connector.Continue Reading

  • SMA Bulkhead Connector

    SMA Bulkhead ConnectorSMA bulkhead rf coaxial connector with small volume, widely frequency and excellent performance. Including SMA female bulkhead connectors and SMA male bulkhead connector.Continue Reading

  • 2.92mm Connector

    2.92mm ConnectorSeries 2.92mm RF Coaxial connector are one kind of precision millimeter-wave connector developed from series SMA. They adopt air interface. They have the advantages of small, light, high frequency and superior reliability etc.Continue Reading

  • Self Locking Connector For Cable

    Self Locking Connector For CableHuading Self-locking connector is used for eddy current sensor. They are International general screw, self-locking, reliable contact; Homemade dedicated Crimp Tool; After crimping, the cable may be subjected to a large tensile force is not disengaged with the connector; Usually in the eddy current sensor for access extension cableContinue Reading

  • SSMB PCB Connector

    SSMB PCB ConnectorThe SSMB 50 Ohm connector is a small version of the standard SMB connector. It is available in PCB and panel mount versions.Continue Reading

  • SBMA Microstrip Transmission Connector

    SBMA Microstrip Transmission ConnectorSBMA series connector is a kind of micro blind-mate connector that is developed based on BMA connector.Continue Reading

  • SMZ PCB Connector

    SMZ PCB ConnectorHuading’s PCB mount SMZ RF coaxial connectors are one kind of snap-on self-latch coupling connectors, have the advantages of vibration-proof, high reliability, small volume and are available in straight or right angle versions.Continue Reading

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