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SMP Connector supplier

  • SMC Connector For Flexible Cable

    SMC Connector For Flexible CableSMC RF Coaxial connectors with a screw-coulping design. This kind are suitable for connecting flexible cable such as series SYV, SFF, RG flexible cable. Including Jack and Plug, straight and right angle crimp SMC connector.Continue Reading

  • SMB Connector For Flexible Cable

    SMB Connector For Flexible CableSMB RF coaxial connector for flexible cable. Including bulkhead female connector, right angle male connector, four hold flange mount connector, straight crimp SMB cable connector etc.Continue Reading

  • BMA Connector For Semi-rigid Cable

    BMA Connector For Semi-rigid CableThis connector are widely used in the world. Huading’s BMA connectors used for semi-rigid cable (0.085, 0.141 semi-rigid cable) include plug genders and Jack genders, straight and right angle in 50 Ohm impedance levels.Continue Reading

  • TNC Flange Mount Connector

    TNC Flange Mount ConnectorTNC connector series is a miniature, threaded weatherproof series with a constant 50 Ω impedance and a frequency range of DC - 11 GHz. Flange mount TNC connector is available in two hole flange mount connector and four hole flange mount connector, Jack or plug versions.Continue Reading

  • Miniature Rotate Self-locking Female Panel Connector

    Miniature Rotate Self-locking Female Panel ConnectorMiniature Coaxial Connector rotate self-locking female panel connectorContinue Reading

  • SMZ PCB Connector

    SMZ PCB ConnectorHuading’s PCB mount SMZ RF coaxial connectors are one kind of snap-on self-latch coupling connectors, have the advantages of vibration-proof, high reliability, small volume and are available in straight or right angle versions.Continue Reading

  • MMCX Connector For Flexible Cable

    MMCX Connector For Flexible CableType MMCX is a kind of micro-miniature connector smaller than type MCX. The characteristic is in small volume, light weight, convenient and reliable connection.Continue Reading

  • TNC Connector For Semi-rigid Cable

    TNC Connector For Semi-rigid CableHuading’s TNC connectors are manufactured in male or female gender in standard polarity or reverse polarity threads, with 50 Ohm impedance and a frequency range of DC - 11 GHz. TNC connectors are available in straight or right angle versions, as well as, bulkhead, 4 hole panel or mount options.Continue Reading

  • SSMA Flange Mount Connector

    SSMA Flange Mount ConnectorFlange mount SSMA RF coaxial connector including two hole flange mount and four hole flange mount connector.Continue Reading

  • BMA Connector For Semi-flexible Cable

    BMA Connector For Semi-flexible CableBMA connectors connecting semi-flexible cable as 0.085 and 0.141 cable. BMA connectors are an ideal solution for high-frequency performance rack and panel RF applications up to 22 GHz and provide misalignment compensation.Continue Reading

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